Schweden – Panoramen

Eine kleine Sammlung von Panoramen aus dem Gebiet Sarek/Padjelanta. Bitte in der 3000px-Größe anschauen!


5 Kommentare zu “Schweden – Panoramen

  1. Hello! Hope it’s ok that I write in english. Wonderful pictures! Makes me long even more to the next Sarek trip… The reason I ended up on your page was that I was doing some research on the best route up and down the mountain Tjahkelij. Apparently you have been up there, so I have to ask which route did you go up and down (same both ways?)? Was it difficult or challenging? I’m thinking of going up with a qute heavy backpack (for two weeks hiking), does that seem like a bad idea? Thanks a lot! (Feel free to answer in german) Grüsse aus Schweden!

    • Hey Tobbe!
      Than you for your comment.
      Yes I’ve been on top of Tjahkelij but it was, as you wrote, a quite challenging and some times dangerous trip. Especially with a heavy backpack I whould not recommend doing it.
      I had some kind of „basecamp“ close to the jetty at the waterside of Laitaure (there is also a cabin) where i built up my tent and left my big backpack and made a daytrip to Tjahkelij. From Laitaure i followed the Kungsleden about 1km southbound till there was some kind of glade and then left the Kungsleden and went into the woods in a direct line up the moderately steep eastern slope of the mountain. I was proceeding surprisingly well, the forest was not dense, dry and good to walk through. It got tricky at 900-950 metres of altitude, about the tree line. Now there were only large fields of stones and it became steeper and steeper. I stayed at about 950m altitude and followed the slope to the west, where on the map the slope seems to be not that steep. i tried several times and routes to get upwards and finally made it, but needed to use both hands to climp up (this is the part where carrying a big backpack whould have made the ascent impossible). Retrospectively i should have followed the slope more westbound because i reached the peak not as planed in the middle between the eastern and the western summit but quite close to the eastern summit. When i was on top of the moutain it started raining and so the stones and the moss became wet and slippery, which made the descent even more unpleasant. So I made some pictures from the eastern summit and went the same way down i came up because i couldn’t find a better path and didn’t felt like going westbound to the other summit.

      So when you have better weather and maybe follow the slope more westbound then me to do the last metres of the ascent at a less steeper part of the mountain it should generally be no problem to go up there, the view is superb. But i whould definitively recommend to do the trip, if possible, without your big backpack.

      I hope i could help you planning your trip, if you have other questions, feel free to ask. Some other pictures and a little description of my trip (in german) can be found here:


  2. Hi Jens!
    Thank you very much for your detailed reply and link. The plans for my next Sarek trip is still in a very early state so I don’t know if/when I will be able to climb the slope of Tjahkelij. But as far as I’ve read, the easiest route to the top is to ascend the northwestern end of the mountain. Several people seems to have done that with a big backpack. There is also a small lake on top of that end of the mountain that could work as a drinking water source for a camp site. As for the southeastern end, there seems to be two possible routes that I and others have considered; to climb up a very steep gap in the cliffside or to „go around the corner“, as you have tried. The first alternative is described as „easy“ in a popular swedish guidebook (by Claes Grundsten) which I don’t quite believe, especially not after looking at some picture of the mountain. So far you are the only person I have heard about that have tried the second alternative. And your route didn’t seem very good at all, at least not with a big backpack. But I still consider this as a possible safe route since, as you said, you probably turned upwards too early.

    My plan (so far) for if/when I come to this mountain is to ascend the northwesten end (after a descent along Jieggejåhkå and a walk around the northern tip of Alep Suobbatjávrre), put up a „basecamp“ at the small lake (it is actually shown on the map) and then explore the possibilities to go down the southeastern end without a heavy backpack (probably the next day). If I can’t find a safe route down in that end I will go down the same way I came up and then walk through the forest below the mountain. All this weather permitting of course…

    If you are planning another trip to Sarek (or any other place in the Swedish outdoors), I can recommend the forum of (Use google translate or I’m sure you’ll get plenty of answers if you start a new thread in english). You can also send me an email of course (Can you see the email adress I type in when I comment here?), I will gladly help if I can!

    Thank you again for your comment and all the nice pictures!

    • Hi Tobbe!
      Well, the idea to climp the eastern slope also came to me from a german guidebook, other routes weren’t described.
      The route down the Jieggejåhkå and through the valley also looks very interesting. I don’t know anything about the vegetation close to Alep Suobbatjávrre but i could imagine, that it easily could become very wet and swampy in rain.
      When you are at Jieggejåhkå maybe it is an option for you to go across the Vájggántjåhkkå. There is an awesome place, marked in the map (Fjällkartan) with an altitude of 974, close to Bågevárásj. This is (whith sunshine) the most beautiful place in sarek i’ve seen so far. You also have water and can camp there. This is the view from that place:
      (maybe also interesting for you because you can get an impression of the western slope of Tjahkelij)
      It’s (especially in comparison to Tjahkelij) easily reachable, also with a backpack. The only disadvantage i see is that you have to leave this place the same way you got there, but it’s only 2km from Jieggejåhkå and it’s worth it. I described my trip in this post:

      Thank you for the link to the swedish forum, i will get back to that when I’m planning my next sweden tip. I spent the last two summers in northern sweden, so the next trips will more likely go to scotland or island. 😉


      • Thank you for the tip! The slope below that point (974) doesn’t look completely impossible either. But as it usually is much easier to go uphill than downhill it might be a bit dumb to try it downhill first… The vegetation around Alep Suobbatjávrre is probably very dense and it is most likely quite wet too. But I guess that just adds to the wilderness experience… It will be quite slow but I don’t think it’s in any way inpossible to walk through (Haven’t been there yet though)…

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